The Ez-8 Gundam from Gundam 08th MS Team. (©SUNRISE)

It seems that Right Stuf Anime are finally doing what other companies should have been done years ago; releasing the entirety of the Gundam saga in the West. The great news is that this strategy now includes series like the brilliant Gundam 08th MS Team.

The new Gundam related Blu-ray releases from Right Stuf Anime are Gundam 08th MS Team, Gundam MS Igloo and the Gundam Movie Trilogy. In addition, Right Stuf also reiterated their intention to release Gundam 0083 on Blu-ray as well.

While I am not the biggest fan of the CG animated Gundam MS Igloo, having the Gundam Movie Trilogy available on Blu-ray is great news. Currently, we have the movies on DVD but making them available on Blu-ray is a good move.

This is because the main Universal Century timeline primarily stems from the events in the Mobile Suit Gundam movie trilogy rather than the earlier TV series. Not to mention that watching the movies allows you to quickly get a great grasp of what Gundam is all about and why it has managed to become such an enduring saga.

The especially great news though is that Gundam 08th MS Team is getting a Blu-ray release. This was a fantastic sidestory series set during the One Year War but what made it stand out was that it was mostly set in the jungle and featured a far more realistic approach to ground based mobile suit combat.

It was also a series that marked the 90s heyday of Sunrise and had some of the best animation of the period. Much like The Vision of Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop, Gundam 08th MS Team also employed the talents of key and mecha animator Hirotoshi Sano.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Sano is a legend in animation circles and his work on various mecha anime is very highly regarded.

Gundam The 08th MS Team also has a great musical score by Kohei Tanaka, who has more recently been responsible for the equally fantastic music in the Gravity Rush games.

In any case, after all these years Right Stuf Anime is finally bringing these great Gundam anime Westward and that is a wonderful thing to see.

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