As we are coming into the Christmas period there is a thought on a lot of ladies minds and that’s will he propose this Christmas with a diamond engagement rings san diego.


But is it always the men who have to do the proposing? 33% of men believe that it should be done by “who ever has the guts” to do it, but a recent survey shows that just 5% of women have proposed.

You would believe that the number of same sex proposals would effect the 5% figure but there has also been an increase in men proposing to one another so the stats haven’t really changed for the last year or so. So who ever is proposing it is believed that Christmas eve and Christmas day are the most popular times of the year for the big question, the next most popular day for a proposal is Valentines day. It is said that 23% of proposals are on Christmas Eve, 10% on Christmas Day, 17% of Valentines Day, 38% over New Years and the remaining 12% is spread across the rest of the year often relating to date special to the couples.

A survey has suggested men think Christmas Eve is the best time of year to propose, where as woman believe that Valentines Day is the best.